About Latviesi.com

Latviesi.com is an internet portal for Latvians outside of Latvia, providing useful information and a community communication platform for Latvians throughout the world, with the aim being to strengthen Latvian identity, in everyday life, in employment or study, and in travel outside of Latvia.

Latviesi.com’s goal is to promote the creation of a global network for people who feel an affinity for Latvia. We intend to achieve this by providing useful information and a communication platform for Latvian communities outside of Latvia.

Latviesi.com has the largest calendar of Latvian diaspora events, a business and professional network of Latvians throughout the world, a catalogue of organizations and communities, a useful compendium of advice about countries and topics, as well as important news of particular relevance to Latvians living outside of Latvia.

A central calendar of events for the Latvian diaspora

Latviesi.com has a central calendar of events for the Latvian diaspora, promoting, strengthening and developing Latvian culture. With more than 2,500 published events per year, we can confidently say that it’s the largest calendar of events for Latvians outside of Latvia.

World Latvian business and professional network

We have created a network of providers of Latvian products and services outside of Latvia in order to strengthen collaboration between Latvians in economics, science and education. Currently, the network contains information about more than 300 Latvian businesses around the world. The fields which are represented most are: professional services, travel and accommodation, shopping and medical services.

Catalogue of Latvian organizations and communities

We have created what is currently the largest and only world-wide database of Latvian organizations, congregations and communities to encourage the political and civic participation of the Latvian diaspora.

Everyday information for a variety of countries

We consider it an important task to find out and publish information which is of use to Latvians living in other countries in easily understandable language. Already, www.latviesi.com has collated more than 500 useful tips from the users of the portal, Latvian government institutions, foreign embassies in Latvia and other sources.

Enriching the Latvian information space

Latviesi.com has developed a fundamentally accurate information and communication system, which also assists in collecting and classifying information. Due to this, Latviesi.com is also able to provide a lot of useful information about the activities of Latvians in foreign countries to other media in Latvia and around the world, which would otherwise be unavailable to them. An example worthy of mention is the regular collation of information about the celebration of Latvian events in foreign countries, which is published by nearly all of the largest Latvian internet portals, daily and regional newspapers, as well as TV and radio news.

The Latviesi.com media platform has been created so that anyone can add content, update it and share it with other media. We have already handed over the information pages for more than 50 organizations and communities to them so that their representatives can manage the information. For local Latvian communities that don’t have their own home page, this is a great opportunity to provide current information about themselves for free on the internet, at the same time being connected to the global network of people who consider themselves to be Latvians. It would be hard to imagine the everyday operation of Latvian organizations last century being possible without the various media which unified the Latvian community. However, the newspapers which provided for the exchange of information over the past 50 years, now only reach a small proportion of all Latvians. Whereas, those Latvians who have left the country in recent years, though less interested in forming organizations, are still actively creating their local information spaces which help them to communicate with each other – common interest groups, e-mail lists and others. If an organization wishes to address and involve the Latvian community, they have to become involved in the creation of this new information space.

The world has now moved swiftly into the information age and the significance of the exchange of information has become ever greater. It’s like the blood flow for every living organism, without which life can’t even be imagined. In the same way, the activities of Latvian organizations in the future will only be possible if we have media tools which are able to address and involve Latvians throughout the world. The www.latviesi.com internet portal has all of the pre-conditions for it to become the information blood flow to address and unify the majority of the Latvian community outside of Latvia.

Latvian organizations outside of Latvia are aware that we can’t assume the distribution of information to the Latvian community to be purely the responsibility of the community itself. That’s why, in the future we’ll take on more responsibility for distributing information, and news about the activities of Latvian organizations to Latvians in Germany, Europe and throughout the world.

A unified internet media platform accessible to the majority of the Latvian community, is the most appropriate method of communication for Latvians throughout the world nowadays, and through its use, the future goals of the Latvian community and its organizations can be facilitated and reached.