Apvienotā Baltiešu komiteja

Established in 1961, JBANC has represented the Baltic-American communities through its three parent national organizations. JBANC's goal has been to help coordinate their activities in Washington, DC with the U.S. Congress and administration and its related agencies in conjunction with issues related to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We have taken great pride for nearly half a century in joint Baltic cooperation and in being able to help coordinate and consolidate our common interests.

JBANC helped to support the Baltic countries as they sought membership in NATO, an issue that closely united the activities of Americans of Baltic heritage. That goal was achieved in 2004.

Since then our mission broadened to take on new and more diverse issues related to the security and stability of the Baltic countries, ranging from supporting democratic movements in other regions of Europe to pushing for Baltic membership in the Visa Waiver Program.

We have not forgotten the tragedies of foreign occupation and oppression of the Baltic countries and peoples, or the need to remain vigilant in an era when energy is ever more used as a weapon for political gain, cyber warfare has emerged as a reality, and international economic worries are of growing concern.

JBANC has established close contacts with congressional offices and has helped to expand the Congressional Baltic Caucuses to include over 80 Members in both the House and Senate.


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